Happy Holidays from Equity Environmental Engineering

December 21, 2020

Author: Equity Environmental Engineering

Happy Holidays from Equity Environmental Engineering

It is our fervent hope that by this time next year Covid-19 is an ugly memory and we're back to normal or something similar to it. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

Equity continues making charitable donations to the following organizations:

  • Light of Life Foundation
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Salvation Army
  • The Salute Military Golf Assoc.
  • Nourish NJ
  • Michael J Fox Foundation

Construction Noise

Equity is pleased to announce that we are now offering construction noise modeling and potential impact mitigation. This service allows for the determination of the possible impacts related to noise generated by construction activities on the community surrounding a construction site prior to actual construction. Potential noise impacts could be the result of construction equipment operation and movement, and worker vehicles traveling to and from the Project Site. Equity uses noise modeling simulations to model the impact of construction noise levels on sound-sensitive locations in the community to determine whether or not these activities may exceed local requirements or environmental review thresholds for discretionary actions. These results are compared to state and local regulatory requirements. For New York City, this includes New York City Noise Control Code and Department of Environmental Protection Construction Noise Mitigation as well as City Environmental Quality Review impact thresholds. Once the potential impacts on the surrounding community are established, Equity works with the developer to deploy mitigation measures such as construction site walls, limiting equipment to specific areas or use at specific times of the day, containments, and alternate equipment to keep the sound levels below regulatory requirements. 

For more information on Equity’s new service please contact Gene Bove or Kevin Williams at 973-527-7451.

Equity's GIS Capabilities

Equity Environmental offers a sophisticated range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and cartography capabilities. Equity is using this expertise in a variety of ways in support of rezoning and variance actions in New York City. In addition to providing the basic maps required for the New York City Department of City Planning and Board of Standards and Appeals applications in New York City, Equity also provides analytics to support legal and environmental analysis.  Equity is currently engaged in the analysis of establishing the (A) finding for the uniqueness of a site seeking a Section 72-21 variance before the Board of Standards and Appeals to offset costs related to development hardship experienced at the site. Equity is able to evaluate the uniqueness of a site by comparing its physical conditions to surrounding properties in a neighborhood. These include site contamination due to offsite sources, depth to groundwater, site shape, topography, soil conditions, and any other conditions that pose unique hardships to as-of-right development. Another unique Equity GIS capability is evaluating opportunities for development and siting of specific land uses based on neighborhood trends, market demand, value capture of recent rezoning actions as well as consideration of opportunities for rezoning of a site based on proximate and relevant land-use changes in a neighborhood. Equity is able to develop targeted geospatial solutions and proofs to a variety of complex land use concerns. Please contact our offices anytime to discuss a free consultation and what opportunities our combination of technical GIS capability and land use/zoning/engineering knowledge may offer.

For more information on Equity’s GIS services please contact Gene Bove at 973-527-7451. 

New York City Brownfield Incentive Grant Program

The goal of the BIG (Brownfield Incentive Grant Program) is to incentivize the remediation and redevelopment of vacant and or underutilized property in the City. As the name suggests, the program offers grants to property owners and developers from the initial stages of a project through site remediation. There are three (3) grant categories:

Qualifying Brownfield Projects - maximum grant is $25,000,

Preferred Community Development Projects - maximum grant is between $35,000 and $50,000,

Voluntary Cleanup Program Projects (Bonus Grants) - maximum grant is $30,000.

These grants can be used for pre-development activities by a non-profit developer for affordable housing or other Preferred Community Development projects, due diligence, site investigation, and site remediation. There is an application to be completed and fees to be to enter the program as well as insurance requirements that must be maintained if seeking a grant.

Timing is a critical factor in being able to realize these grants for the various steps in the project. Equity has assisted numerous clients to obtain the aforementioned grants for both the planning and remediation phases of projects with OER. For more information on the BIG Program, visit Office of Environmental Remediation's website at https://www1.nyc.gov/site/oer/grants/big-grants.page

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