NJDEP Regulatory Changes

February 16, 2021

Author: Equity Environmental Engineering

Regulatory Time Frames and CID Changes

In the spirit of keeping our clients updated regarding regulatory changes, two important changes took effect in January and February this year. Given the ongoing pandemic, NJDEP has extended certain regulatory and mandatory timeframes for responsible parties to complete various reports. Properties that have an LSRP and are undergoing environmental remediation will have more relaxed regulatory and mandatory timeframes. The NJDEP timeframe extensions are for administrative requirements, and they do not change regulatory or mandatory timeframes for evaluating potential receptors or for protecting actual receptors. NJDEP’s timeframe extensions are most important for responsible parties that have regulatory or mandatory timeframes for completing remedial investigations or remedial actions on May 6, 2021. In many of these circumstances, the timeframe is effectively extended through May 6, 2022. Other timeframe extensions vary, and since the NJDEP extension announcements are not written in the most straightforward, user-friendly manner, Equity encourages you to contact us to discuss how the extensions may affect your remedial strategy. 

In addition to the timeframe extensions, NJDEP also issued two (2) revisions to the Case Inventory Document (CID) in late January and early February 2021. All CID submittals should use the current form. Given that the two revisions were issued within a couple of weeks, NJDEP has offered to migrate existing MS Excel versions of the CID to the current version. That service is available by emailing the current CID for a case to srpcidconversion@dep.nj.gov. The most current version of the CID can be found at https://www.state.nj.us/dep/srp/srra/forms/.

Equity is ready to help with any of your environmental remediation cases in New Jersey and New York, whether that is as simple as ensuring the current version of the CID is submitted or checking your remedial strategy and applicable time frames for complex sites. 

Email Peter.Jackson@equityenvironmental.comBob.Jackson@equityenvironmental.com, or Geoff.Clark@equityenvironmental.com with any questions you may have.

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