January 2016 Newsletter

January 5, 2016


Happy New Year!

We hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday season as we move into the new year.  For those of you who never have, you have now experienced Christmas in Florida.  Santa was seen making his run in shorts and a tank top.

On the other hand those of you from the south have now experienced a true winter nor'easter.  Please use proper technique when shoveling and safety when using snow blowers.

Nursing Student Dormitory Renovation Project

Equity has been part of the team assisting SKA Marin redevelop a former dormitory for nursing students into a fixed income apartment complex. Equity initially got involved in the planning aspect of the project helping to maneuver through the NEPA process, including Federal, State of New York, and New York City reviews. We were then tasked with preparing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, which identified some Recognized Environmental Concerns.

Those findings led to a Phase II Site Investigation where soil sampling showed elevated levels of petroleum contaminants. Based on the Phase II findings, Equity performed a Vapor Intrusion Investigation of the interior of the vacant building to determine if the contaminant vapors were migrating into the building. The indoor air samples did not show the presence of contaminants of concern. We designed a liner system to be installed in a crawlspace to eliminate the potential for vapor intrusion and will observe the liner installation.

Equity also conducted the Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP) for the exterior construction activities. As the construction progresses, we will conduct borrow source sampling and analysis to ensure the backfill being brought onsite is certified clean fill. Once the construction is complete, Equity will prepare the closure report for the remedial activities completed. All of our work is conducted under the regulatory authority of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

We were recently informed that the project would go into a second expansion phase and that Equity will provide similar services for the new phase of work.

If you have development projects and would like information on the breadth of services that Equity provides, please contact us at (973) 527-7451.

Regulatory Issues

NYC Onsite Construction Oversight

In the wake of a number of fatalities at New York City construction sites, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is cracking down on those that oversee the activity. Specifically requesting that each person overseeing the work has their 10-hour OSHA Hazard Recognition Training for the Construction Industry certification and has the original wallet size card with them on the job. Equity was recently on a project site where OSHA conducted an inspection following a non-fatal accident and shut the job down because not everyone who was required to have their card with them did.


Major changes are coming with respect to the Federal Regulations for Solid and Hazardous Waste management. Changes to the current regulations in 40 CFR 261, 264 and 265 are underway and should be promulgated in Spring 2016. Changes will most likely include the consolidation of the generator related provisions into 40 CFR 262 and renaming the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator to the Very Small Quantity Generator. The rule changes will most likely also address new requirements for waste determination, record retention for waste determination, labeling of waste in storage and satellite accumulation areas, tank labeling and marking, and emergency preparedness procedures. Many of these changes may be subtle and easily overlooked. Therefore, please read over the changes in detail when promulgated in 2016.

US Geological Survey

The USGS has invited applications for up to $2 Million in cost-share grants or cooperative agreements to support participation in the National Ground Water Monitoring Network in 2016. The purpose is to upgrade monitoring networks to national standards and to incorporate wells into the network. It will also support the USGS in managing the network and providing access to the public through an internet web portal. The data will be used to assist in the proper management of water resources.

Source: Environmental Expert, Nov. 2015

New Jersey DEP

On November 25, 2015, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) adopted Interim Ground Water Quality Standards for 12 constituents which are effective immediately. The list of constituents can be found here.

Included in the list is 1,4-Dioxane, for which the new standard has been decreased by more than an order of magnitude from 10 ppb to 0.4 ppb. This means that if 1,4-Dioxane is a known or suspected contaminant of concern at your site, an order of magnitude analysis is required to ensure continued compliance with site remediation standards.

Staff News

Equity has hired two new employees over the last two months; Chris Langewisch and Frank Urilov.

Chris Langewisch is an LSRP with 27 years of experience in the environmental consulting field, with an emphasis on investigation and remediation. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences from Rutgers University, completed some post-graduate work, and obatined a teaching certification (Science K-12) from Montclair State University. His hobbies include martial arts, cooking and playing the guitar.

Frank Urilov is an Junior Engineer and recent graduate from the University of Buffalo with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering. Frank is an EIT and has OSHA-10 and HAZWOPER certification. Frank has worked on a variety projects including remedial investigations, feasibility studies, periodic review reports, groundwater, soil and air sampling, and landfill inspections. In addition, Frank volunteers at ASPCA and Sean Casey Animal Rescue. He is a NYS certified turtle ambassador and spends time in the community offering educational programs to children and adults about wildlife, with a primary focus on common native turtle species.


Neha Gautam has decided to make a career change and will be leaving Equity Environmental Engineering at the end of January. We wish her the best on her new endeavors.

With the mild winter that we have had so far it is easy to forget that we haven't reached the mid way point of winter yet. So be prepared and be careful when the snow arrives again.

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