May 2016 Newsletter

May 3, 2016


Our congratulations to those of you with family members who are recent college graudates. It's always an exciting time as they complete one phase of their lives and prepare for the next big step, whatever that may be. Let them go forth and NOT COME BACK (to live at home).

For those of you with high school graduates, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Great  to see them prepare to move forward but, we feel your pain as the cost of higher education continues to soar.

Groundwater Treatment Blog

For the last few weeks, Equity has been coordinating the treatment of groundwater which is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by injecting proprietary treatment compounds. The remedial contractor chosen for this project is Regenesis who is using the treatment product Plumestop. The approach is to identify areas of the site that have contamination plumes and target those areas for treatment. Once the areas are identified, calculations are run to determine the volume of material that is required to be treated and reduce the contaminants of concern to below the NJ Groundwater Cleanup Standards. For this site, Equity identified 5 areas with contamination in various sized plumes. The depth of the zone of contamination was then determined based on previous groundwater data.

At the same time that all this work is going on, Equity prepared an application for a Remedial Action Permit (RAP) and submitted the application to the NJDEP for approval. Once the permit was received the work was scheduled. Initially, a geoprobe rig was used to reach the proper depth for injection. When the site geology caused problems reaching the depth, the drilling method was changed to Sonic drilling. As we monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, we will update the progress.

Peter Jaran, LSRP

New Jersey LSRP News

The NJ LSRP Licensing Board adopted a new rule governing the LSRP program which addresses LSRP personal conduct and includes requirements concerning the LSRP's obligations to communicate with clients regarding applicable remediation timeframes. The LSRP must notify clients if the time frames are unlikely to be met, and also communicate the consequences of missing those timeframes. The rule also requires the LSRP to notify the NJDEP when he believes that mandatory or expedited site-specific timeframes will likely be missed. The NJDEP has posted an Administrative Guidance Document on their website, and has also created a form for notifying the NJDEP which can be completed and submitted electronically.

NJDEP has posted a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the NJDEP Remedial Investigation Online Service for submittal of Remedial Investigation Reports via NJDEP's online portal. Approximately 800 RIRs and 50 requests for an extension were submitted to the NJDEP to comply with the May 2016 deadline.

The NJDEP has issued Revised Administrative Guidance for issuance of Response Action Outcomes. The new guidance includes constructive input from the regulated community, and includes several updates to the document regarding the required notices to be included with the RAO, addition of a RAO quick reference checklist, and instructions for amending language in an RAO, as well as instructions for withdrawing an RAO. The NJDEP has also amended the "Soil Contamination from an Offsite Source" and "Historically Applied Pesticides Not Addressed: Notices, and made available a new notice, specific to "Ground Water Contamination due to Regional Historic Fill (Ground Water confirmation sampling has not been conducted)". These are available on the NJDEP website.

The statutory timeframe extension to complete the remedial investigation was on May 7, 2016. Pursuant to statute, a site which does not meet the statutory deadline is subject to direct oversight. Failure to comply can carry penalties of up to $25,000 per day. Sites missing the deadline must submit a public participation plan with a schedule within 30 days of missing the deadline, and submit a remediation cost review to NJDEP within 60 days. A remediation trust fund must be established within 90 days of missing the deadline. The NJDEP suggests that persons responsible for conducting the remediation that has missed the deadline contact the Bureau of Enforcement and Investigations to discuss resolving any penalty exposure.

NJIT Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Competition

Equity was a proud sponsor of the New Jersey Instutute of Technology's (NJIT) spring Concrete Canoe contest. NJIT won the overall competiton which included several races as well as a research paper and presentation on the design and a display of the canoe mold. They are headed to the regional competition in Illinois. Congratulations to the NJIT students who participated. The NJIT team also won the regional Steel Bridge competition. For more information about the comeptitions click here.

New Employee

Equity is pleased to annouce the hiring of John Varbel, Project Scientist. John has 4 years of experience in site investigation and remediation working extensively in the retail gasoline/service station industry. John also has training and experience as a radiation technician. Mr. Vrabel has completed the OSHA 10-hour construction and FEMA Disaster Response and Recovery training.

Mr. Vrabel is a 2011 graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management.


Staff from Equity Environmental Engineering LLC will be at the following events:

  • Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association of NJ 2016 Awards of Excellence  June 9
  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce monthly events
  • Equity also attended CIANJ's EPCON 2016

The summer season is upon us and with that brings great outdoor fun. It also brings ticks and the potential for heat related injuries/illnesses. Please remember to stay properly hydrated, use sun screen or limit exposure to the sun and check for ticks after field work or play.

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