Equity acknowledges as a core value the role of a sustainable, trained and competent staff for task and jobsite safe actions. As such, Equity has implemented and offers Health and Safety Training & Competency Assessments to provide employer’s and/or employee’s with the necessary knowledge and skills for non-routine/routine tasks in accordance with applicable safety and health requirements as well as client/program directives.

Equity’s safety professionals are certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) and tailor’s all safety programs and educational trainings based upon the employer’s and/or the employee’s required duties, functions, competencies, tasks and applicable safety and health requirements. Equity’s overall objective for all educational training and competency assessments are to ensure employees can work safely under various site conditions. Equity educational trainings include, but are not limited to:

  • OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations Annual 8 Hour Refresher (i.e. HAZWOPER Refresher)
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training
  • OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training
  • HAZCOM Standards
  • Excavation/Trenching Oversight
  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Control of Hazardous Energy[Lockout/Tagout]
  • Noise Exposure
  • Hot Work
  • Lifting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respirators
  • Task and Jobsite Hazard Identification
  • Biological Hazards
  • Fire Prevention
  • Heat/Cold Stress
  • Driving Safety Awareness
  • Working Around Heavy Equipment
  • Tailgate Safety Meetings
  • Environmental Considerations (i.e. Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Dust)
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Working Around Water Hazards

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