Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for 90 Buildings in New York City

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for NYCHA

Equity was selected to conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for approximately 90 buildings in Brooklyn for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).  The project was completed in just 3-months from June to August 2021.  

In a short time frame, Equity completed 15 separate Phase I ESAs in accordance with the ASTM International Standard 1527-13. That standard encompasses the All-Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) regulation, 40 CFR Part 312, USEPA, which is required to qualify for certain innocent landowner liability protections under the CERCLA. 

The project consisted of grouping the various buildings for the purposes of obtaining the necessary regulatory database reports. We compiled twenty-five separate database reports which consist of a regulatory radius report, Sanborn Fire Insurance and topographic maps, aerial photographs and city directories.

These reports were then allocated to the appropriate building groups for analysis. In addition, various websites were searched for information on the buildings. The inspections of each building were conducted with a NYCHA employee, searching for Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) such as underground storage tanks, oil spills, chemical spills, etc. Following the building inspections, daily debriefs were provided to the NYCHA Project Manager. A photographic record of the inspections was made for each building.

The ESA reports were then prepared for each building including tables listing the building demographic (block, lot, size, number of buildings, etc.). A separate table was created listing the findings of the inspections for the typical categories for an ESA report. The reports include historic and current uses of the property and adjoining properties, observations made during the inspections, information provided by the NYCHA employee during the inspections or from the NYCHA PM, an analysis of the database information, and a review of previous environmental reports if any were made available.

Project Components

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Aggressive Schedule
  • Public Sector Work

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