Insurance and Legal Support

Insurance Support

Equity provides specialty environmental services to insurance companies and their insureds. We also provide forensic evaluations of insurance claims for insurance companies.

We support insurance carriers in their efforts to fairly evaluate costs and liabilities related to environmental investigations and remediation activities due to claims brought by their insureds.

Our ongoing work at contaminated properties provides us with valuable, front-line knowledge regarding clean-up trends and technologies and a solid understanding of the cost implications associated with an environmental insurance claim. Our staff is highly qualified, fully understanding the insurance, financial, and environmental issues that exist for a complex claim.

Legal Support

Equity works hand-in-hand with legal counsel to provide a range of environmental risk management and planning services. We work with attorneys to design and conduct environmental assessments to meet due diligence objectives and provide a real world understanding of potential environmental liabilities to effectively manage risk. 

We also assist attorneys with environmental planning, land use and zoning: by conducting environmental assessment & impact statements; managing and coordinating discretionary actions such as zoning variances and special permits; advising on federal, state and local regulatory compliance; conducting, noise, air, traffic and transportation; shadows and socio-economic studies; and providing geospatial analysis.

Litigation Support

Additionally, Equity’s environmental experts provide litigation support and help lawyers develop a working knowledge of complex scientific, technical, and regulatory issues.  We help attorneys structure and organize technical conclusions in a practical manner to support their legal approach to ensure they can be clearly understood.  We simplify environmental background data as much as possible rendering technical jargon, acronyms, and difficult concepts understandable.

Equity provides expert witness services for insurance companies and attorneys. We review the information and act as an expert witness, providing testimony, and preparing expert reports. Environmental litigation requires specialists with both exceptional credentials and a clear, defined understanding of the case. Our experts interpret and present solid scientific evidence in depositions and courtrooms in a manner that people can understand.

Are you a lawyer or insurance agent in need of help with an environmental issue? Contact us today and one of our experts will get back to you to discuss solutions for your project.

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