Raritan Township Police Department Fueling Station

Fueling Station Remediation

Equity is leading the remediation of a former leaking 6,000-gallon gasoline UST to refuel police and other municipal vehicles at the Site. The tank was removed and replaced with a 4,000-gallon Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) with secondary containment. At the time of the UST removal, soil and groundwater contamination was identified. Since that time, Equity has assisted Raritan Township in excavating approximately 2,300 tons of soil contaminated by benzene, xylene, and other gasoline-related compounds. In addition to the source area removal, Equity arranged for the injection and dispersal of enhanced bioremediation products, such as Petrox © .

We completed groundwater remediation to demonstrate decreasing contaminant concentration trends and the effectiveness of  monitored natural remediation (MNA) for groundwater.

As a result of our efforts the remediation was successful and the site is now clean. We documented these efforts in NJDEP-required reports, including an RIR, RAW, Discharge to Groundwater Permit-by-Rule, Public Notification, QAPP, RE (Receptor Evaluations),
CEA and updates, and CID (Case Inventory Document Worksheet). Equity plans to submit the closure document, a RAO in early 2022.

Project Components

  • Remedial Investigation
  • Groundwater Monitoring & Reporting
  • NJDEP Reporting
  • Remedial Investigation Report (RIR)
  • Remedial Action Workplan (RAW)
  • Classification Exception Area (CEA)
  • Response Action Outcome (RAO)

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