Brownfield Investigation and Remediation in Brooklyn

Remediation and Engineering for an Affordable Housing Development in Brooklyn

Equity provided investigation and remediation services for our client’s Brownfield site in Brooklyn, NY.  Our scope of work included a surface geophysics survey and the installation of soil borings, soil-gas points, and monitoring wells onsite.  Soil samples were collected from each soil boring and one round of groundwater and soil-gas sampling were initially completed for the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) approved suite of analytical parameters. 

The site was owned by The City of New York and the applicant, our client, was considered a Volunteer Requestor because of the plans to purchase and develop the 105 S. 5th Street/337 Berry Street site located in the Williamsburg, NY. We assisted LPC Development group with obtaining a License to access the site and we committed to performing all necessary testing and investigative work which determined the initial contamination. In addition, our client, with the help of Equity, agreed to include the following preventive measures in the building suggested by NYC OER; a vapor barrier, sub-slab depressurization system and soil vapor extraction system to prevent any further exposure to and offsite migration of contamination.

Equity developed an approved NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Brownfield Program Remedial Work Action Plan, Site Management Plan, and Final Engineering Report.

The project involved the demolition of an existing building and new construction of one 11-story building. In total, the planned development consisted of a new 64,333 square foot building, including residential, retail, a roof garden for residents and a community facility. The project is 100% affordable residential housing for families making no more than 60% of the area median income. The ground floor includes frontage on South 5th Street with 4,221 square foot of retail space and a 1,139 square foot community facility. Areas of the property not improved by the building were improved either with a paved, 14 space parking lot or landscaping.

Project Components

  • Brownfield Site
  • Phase II Investigation
  • Soil Boring
  • Groundwater Monitor
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Sub-slab depressurization system
  • Remedial Action Workplan

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