Health & Safety Services for a Fortune 500 Company

Onsite Health & Safety Services

Equity provided onsite Health & Safety (H&S)  services as a seconded employee at a Fortune 500 company while they transitioned the facility operations out of state.

Duties included working with the client’s staff on typical H&S oversight and reporting as well as working on spill and discharge prevention plans, providing H&S orientation presentation, responding to spills and accidents onsite, weekly and monthly calls with corporate personnel, SOP and SDS inventory review/upkeep, laboratory sweeps for proper flammable/hazardous chemical storage, etc.

Equity is also responsible for completing, submitting and closing out various NJDEP and RECRA regulatory reports and permits associated with emissions and/or waste generation by the facility to the appropriate state and federal agencies.

Project Components

  • H&S Oversight
  • Reporting
  • Spill and Discharge Prevention Plans
  • H&S Orientation
  • Responding to spills and accidents

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