Lopatcong Creek Restoration

Lopatcong Creek Floodplain, Riparian and Habitat Restoration

The Equity team was responsible for survey, design, and permits for this one- and one-half mile (1.5 mile) bank, in-stream and floodplain reconnection project for Trout Unlimited. This project showcases a variety of bank stabilization methods best suited to the many unique sites on this former farm where crops were planted too close to the stream.

Excess sediment and channel downcutting threaten to separate the river from its floodplain in all but the highest rain events in what is otherwise a preserved and intact floodplain surrounding this native brook trout and wild brown trout tributary to the Delaware River in far western New Jersey.

Banks were re-sloped and restored using a combination of techniques including building a floodplain bench, using willow fascines, using root wads, and using hard armoring, depending on the severity of each bank to be restored. In-stream habitat enhancement focused on adding thermal relief with deep pools, spawning habitat in the tailouts of pools and in rifle structures, in two sites lunker structures were built for both trout and wood turtles, and once construction is completed, a full riparian restoration will ensue to add shade and roots to cool the river in summer and to hold newly restored banks in place over time.

Project Components

  • Surveying
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Riparian Zones
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Sediment Analysis

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