Ho-Ho-Kus Brook Restoration

Ho‐Ho‐Kus Brook Restoration After Damaged Caused by Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida caused increased water volume and flows within the Ho‐Ho‐Kus Brook, and therefore increased the energy of water which led to approximately 50 feet of the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook embankment on our client’s property to be eroded. This surge of water deteriorated the bank up to the fence line and caused the fence to collapse, landscaped bushes/flowers to be pulled down to the brook area, and the deterioration and exposure of root systems for large mature trees on the downstream property boundary, subjecting these trees to collapse in a future storm event.

The Equity team restored approximately 200 feet of Ho‐Ho‐Kus Brook right bank, and add a boulder “barb” to deflect high flows off the hard bend in the brook on our client’s property. Two stone walls were constructed and placed to slow flows from eroding the banks further. A barb was installed, and soils were placed above each of the two stone wall layers to restore the backyard property that was lost during Hurricane Ida on September 1, 2021.

Equity working with Trout Scapes River Restoration (TSRR) performed the survey, design, permitting (i.e. FW GP‐4 and FHA GP‐4), modeling, and construction of the Ho‐Ho‐Kus Brook Bank Restoration Project. Large rectangular boulders were imported for use as bank protection as well as for forming a barb/deflector vein at the nearly 90 degrees turn in the brook at this location. Topsoil was added per the design in an effort to restore the upper lawn area and wooden fence damaged during Hurricane Ida.

Project Components

  • Stream Restoration
  • Permitting
  • Design
  • Surveying
  • HEC-RAS Modeling

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