Noise E-Designation Solution

20 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY

Equity was retained to assist with a Noise E-Designation for a renovation and conversion of an existing building to a school.

During the building renovation, the developer did not realize that the Subject Property had an E-Designation for noise. The E-Designation (E-143) was placed as part of the Port Morris/Bruckner Boulevard Rezoning (CEQR# 05DCP005X). The Noise E-Designation required that a minimum of 35 dB(A) window/wall attenuation for all building facades in order to maintain an interior noise level not greater than 45 dB(A) for residential and community facility uses or not greater than 50 dB(A) for commercial office uses.

The Subject Property is located along a busy corridor on Bruckner Boulevard and at the rear of the building is an aggregate storage yard.

Equity prepared a noise investigation protocol outlining the methodologies that would be used to collect noise readings to determine if the currently installed windows and façade met the requirements of the E-Designation. The protocol was approved by OER.

 The noise monitoring consisted of five (5) interior 12-hour noise monitoring locations and one (1) 1-hour spot check during each AM, Midday, and PM peak travel period located outside the Subject Property at street level. The readings were collected for 12-hours as the new use of the building is a school and would only be occupied during daytime hours.

Based on the results of the monitoring, it was determined that the currently installed windows and façade met the requirements of the E-Designation. Equity prepared a report and OER approved it.

Equity prepared the Installation Report for Noise and submitted to OER. OER approved the Installation Report and issued the Notice to Proceed.

Project Components

  • Noise Protocol
  • Noise Monitoring
  • CEQR
  • E-Designation
  • Installation Report

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