Environmental Engineering

Equity's Professional Engineers are Licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Alabama

Our environmental engineering team partners with our clients to design practical solutions that are cost-effective and minimize risk. Our engineers work in conjunction with our full range of multi-disciplinary professionals enabling us to deliver site specific solutions.

We routinely provide design services on projects involving:

  • Soil excavation and disposal,
  • Vapor barriers and sub-slab depressurization systems design and construction oversight,
  • Groundwater treatment, and
  • Site management plans, as well  as
  • Stream restoration and
  • Dam removals
Technical expertise and quality service are the primary keys to our business success. Our ultimate focus has been and will continue to be quality service provided by highly competent, professional staff.
Environmental Engineering Vapor Barrier Design

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environmental engineering drawings and tools

Environmental Engineering Services

Our team works with our clients to design solutions that utilizes a cost-benefit approach. Our project managers and professional engineers design remedial systems to meet our clients’ goals. Our design approach focuses on source area remediation, containment, and natural reduction of the zones of impact.

Our environmental engineering team assists owners and operators with developing plans for oil handling operations, spill prevention practices, discharge and drainage controls, and countermeasures to contain, cleanup, and mitigate the effects of a spill.

Our environmental engineering team assists clients in developing SWPPPs, Sediment Control Plans and Erosion Control Plans. Our engineers assess site-specific conditions such as soil types, drainage patterns, existing vegetation, and topography. We work with clients to analyze conditions and develop the steps and techniques that will eliminate or significantly reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff.

Our environmental engineering team has experience designing stream and river restoration projects including: fish passage design, wildlife habitat design, erosion control plans, embankment renovations, and dam removals.

Our environmental engineering team assists clients with indoor air testing, source identification, risk assessment, and pathway evaluation and mitigation. Our team of engineers has years of experience designing vapor intrusion mitigation systems.

Our environmental engineering team partners with our clients to design effective and efficient solutions. We analyze design features, systems, equipment, and material selections and explore design alternatives to achieve essential functions at the lowest possible cost to maintain required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.

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