Planning, Land Use & Zoning

A Proactive Approach to Land Use and Planning

Equity’s planning group has become the go-to firm for public and private companies to provide creative and collaborative solutions to complex environmental project management and planning/land use analyses. We analyze the data, the people, and the location so stakeholders can make more informed decisions, avoid costly project delays, and create shared value while maximizing return on investment and enhancing communities.

Our proactive approach involves project managers regularly meeting with developers, regulators and communities to brainstorm, plan, and develop practical solutions for a variety of scenarios and projects. We understand the needs, manage expectations and develop real world solutions to meet stakeholders’ requirements. We utilize visualizations that are typically used in master planning and combine it with our technical knowledge and experience of local regulations and environmental review processes to obtain approvals for development projects.

Equity has a successful track record of appearing before and getting approvals from local community boards, New York City Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), New York City Department of City Planning (DCP), and New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) just to name a few.

Our clients return again and again to Equity to seek strategic advice, detailed analysis, and practical execution on complex planning and land use issues across a range of areas.

Do you have a development project that you need environmental review or planning assistance with? Contact us today and one of our planners will get back to you to discuss solutions for your project.

Planning, Land Use & Zoning Services

  •  SEQR – NYS Communities, NYSHCR, NYESD
  •  New Jersey – EIS
  •  DSNY
  • Rezoning’s, Variances, Waivers, Special Permits, Authorizations, Text Changes, Amendments, ZR Code Interpretations
  • NYC Board of Standards and Appeals
    •  Religious Institutions – 72-21 Variances
    •  Pre-K & K-12 Schools – 73-19 Special Permits
    •  Parking Waivers
    •  Utilities
  •  ULURP/ non-ULURP Processes
  •  Community Board Strategy and Presentations
  •  NY/NJ Planning Board and Zoning Board Actions
  •  Northeast Planning and Zoning Board Actions
  •  DSNY – Permits
  •  NYYSDEC – Permits 
  •  For Environmental Assessments/Impact Statements
  •  Office of Environmental Remediation – Remedial Action Plans / Installation Reports
  •  Construction Impact Assessments
  •  Noise Code Compliance
  •  Mitigation Design
  •  Air Quality Modelling – Dust Track and Summa; PM 2.5, SO2, NO2,
    Ozone; air toxins
  •  Liquor license required studies
  •  NYC DOT – Curb Cut, Special Permit traffic studies
  •  NYS DOT – Traffic Impact Studies, Highway Access Permits
  •  Bike and Pedestrian Safety
  •  School Safety Arrival and Dismissal Plans & Safe Routes to School
  •  Aututurn Analysis
  •  Geometric Design
  •  Transportation System – Long Range Demand Forecasting – Rail, Ferry, Bus
  •  Transportation Station Planning and Preliminary Design – Commuter Rail, Ferry Terminal, Bus Terminal, TOD
  •  Parking Demand and Parking Operations/Revenue Analysis/ Geometric Design/ Illustrative Planning
  •  Travel Demand/ Level of Service Analysis
  •  SYCHRO, SIM Traffic, HCS
  •  Mapping & Cartographic
  •  Thematic Mapping
  •  Site/ Area Analysis
  •  3-D Mapping
  •  Story Boards
  •  Online maps and Dashboards
  •  Area wide studies, downtown, coastal analysis, adaptive reuse, redevelopment planning, brownfield, parking planning, massing, zoning analysis
  •  Highest and Best Use Zoning Studies
  •  Site Planning/Massing Analysis
  •  Urban Design Visualization and Illustrative analysis
  •  Statewide Plans
  •  County
  •  Local Municipal Plans
  •  Plans of Conservation and Development
  •  Sensitive Receptor Impact Studies
  •  Churches, Open Space Impacts – CEQR, SEQR
  •  Socio-Economic Analysis and Impact Analysis

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